Shit just got real in the spec script writing room of Ed and Shaan. #pizza #za

Shit just got real in the spec script writing room of Ed and Shaan. #pizza #za

I’ve been in chicago for over 5 minutes and not one person has given me a fucking slice of deep dish pizza. #youblewit

Cheeseburger pizza only available in the Middle East. Our war on terror has gone too far. #PizzaHut more like #PizzaWhat 




OMG. WTF. Pizza Hut introduces the Crown Crust Burger Pizza - a pizza encrusted by cheeseburgers. Only available in the Middle East.

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We’ve reached out to Pizza Hut’s PR regarding when this will be available in the US. (h/t Stacy Lambe)


holy shorts


Mamma mia itz a spicy podcast!


Episode 104 - Enzo Porcini

This week, the great Enzo Porcini discusses his timeless classic “Gimme A Piece O’ Pizza Pie!”

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Everyone hates Randy Liedtke. No wait everyone hats Randy Liedtke. I can’t remember. Either way you should watch this food video. Why? Because he is cool and has a red beard. You should also do this because my girlfriend and I showed up at the gelato place he works at right at closing and he still sold us a couple of scoops. That’s a solid dude in my book.




Randy Liedtke is a comedian, a barista, a former professional cook and a current avid home cook. In other words, he thinks a lot about food. Randy’s even come up with labels for different types of food-consumers. Which describes you?

Want to go on a Free Lunch? Tell us about your favorite restaurants!

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I’m a big fan of Randy.

This is great. I went by Randy’s work after I got in my car accident and he made me a sandwich. Thanks, Randy!

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